Office journal April 2022

During the last month we have passed the last date to register your team to Piteå Summer Games 2022, but don't hesitate to contact us if you have missed it and are interested in joining us this summer.

We are now in a new phase in the production of Piteå Summer Games 2022. The phase where the information is passed on from the Piteå Summer Games office to the different clubs that work together to arrange our tournament. The information is provided to all the people you meet at our accommodations and at our arenas for example, so that they have the possibility to feel so comfortable in their knowledge so that they can give you a world class experience.
The pieces of the puzzle started in the autumn of 2019 is falling into place and you can start to see what will become Piteå Summer Games 2022. We welcome you to us - Welcome home #welcomehome #imcominghome2022