THANKS and INFO 2025


To the teams, thank you for bringing your passion, sportsmanship, and competitive spirit to the games. You guys have inspired us all.

To our referees, thank you for your professional work and your ability to maintain fairness and sportsmanship on the field. Your competence and dedication have been so important in ensuring a fair and safe competition for all participants.

To our volunteers, we cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts. Your hard work behind the scenes ensured that everything ran smoothly, and your positive energy made the event enjoyable for everyone involved.

To our sponsors, thank you so much for believing in the vision of Piteå Summer Games. Your contribution to the community and youth sports has created unforgettable experiences for countless young athletes.

To all the groups we haven't specifically mentioned but who play an equally important role – your efforts have been invaluable. Whether you worked in logistics, security, food service, entertainment, or other vital areas, you all contributed to creating a fantastic event.

Together, we have created lasting memories for so many young players all over the world.
We look forward to seeing you all again next year for another fantastic Piteå Summer Games!  

Date 2025: June 27-29. We'll celebrate 35 years!