1. Rules
Piteå Summer Games is played according to the rules of FIFA (where applicable) and to the rules of the Swedish Football Association, in applicable parts.

1.1 Participating teams must belong to a football club or an academy who is registered in their countries FIFA-affiliated association. In countries where football is operated by the schools, we also allow teams affiliated by their school football association. All players must belong to the football club or academy they participate for, according to their national federations’ rules. It is not permitted to loan players from another club unless the clubs district approved this in specific decisions that must be sent in.

Combined team is only approved if the team participates in theirs districts league, or whether the application is supported by their own district. The application for combined teams is made as a dispensation application via the application program and must be supplemented with a written certificate.

1.2 All players MUST where the participation wristbands to be allowed the play a match, to get entrance to the accommodation and to eat in the school diners. A control can take place during the tournament. Players without wristbands can be judged as non-qualified player, with the consequences stipulated under rule 7.

2. Rules of the game
2.1 The tournament is played in groups and the best teams from each group will play in the playoffs. The size of the classes is decided by the number of teams in each class. We guarantee each team at least four matches. The total points scored will decide the placing of each team. Victory is awarded 3 points and tie 1 point. If more than two teams have the same points the placing will be decided by: (1) Goal difference (2) Highest number of goals scored (3) Results of match between teams with equal points (4) Drawing lots.

Teams that don’t advance to the playoffs will be playing 1 or more friendly games on Sunday.

2.2 Boys 11 and Girls 11 will be played in accordance with the Swedish Football Association rules, i.e. there are no tables or play off. The teams will play at least 4 games.

3. Play Off
The best teams from each group will advance to the playoffs. Playoff games ending with a tied score in the play-offs will be decided by penalty kick contest according to FIFA rules. The friendly games may end with even score. Classes B12,B11, B10, B9, B8, G12, G11, G10, G9 and G8 have no playoff games. No scores/tables will be displayed.

4. Classes
Class B17, boys born 1/1 2005, 11 players
Class B16, boys born 1/1 2006, 11 players
Class B15, boys born 1/1 2007, 11 players
Class B14, boys born 1/1 2008, 11 players
Class B14 C, boys born 171 2008, 9 players (note 2)
Class B13, boys born 1/1 2009, 9 players (note 1)
Class B12, boys born 1/1 2010, 7 players (note 3)
Class B11, boys born 1/1 2011, 7 players ( note 3 )
Class B10, boys born 1/1 2012, 7 players ( note 3 )
Class B9, boys born 1/1 2013, 5 players ( note 3 )
Class B8, boys born 1/1 2014, 5-players ( note 3 )

Class G17/18/19, girls born 1/1 2003-2005, 11 players
Class G16, girls born 1/1 2006, 11 players
Class G15, girls born 1/1 2007, 11 players
Class G14, girls born 1/1 2008, 11 players
Class G14 C, girls born 1/1 2008, 9 players (note 2)
Class G13, girls born 1/1 2009, 9 players (note 1)
Class G12, girls born 1/1 2010, 7 players ( note 3 )
Class G11, girls born 1/1 2011, 7 players ( note 3 )
Class G10, girls born 1/1 2012, 7 players ( note 3 )
Class G9, girls born 1/1 2013, 5 players ( note 3 )
Class G8, girls born 1/1 2014, 5 players ( note 3 )

Note 1) Play 9 v s9 on a small 11 vs 11 field, and with 11 vs 11 goals.

Note 2) Play 9 vs 9. We can not guarantee international participation in this class, since its mainly used in Swedish football. Less than 20 teams registered might lead to canceling of the class. Decision will be made on April 17, 2021.

Note 3) No playoffs, no results on display.

5. Match periods

Classes B17, B16, B15, B14, B13 and G17/18/19, G16, G15, G14, G13 play 2 x 25 minutes. Classes B12, B11, B10, G12, G11, G10 play 2 x 20 minutes. Classes B9, B8, G9, G8 play 2 x 15 minutes.

6. Number of players and substitutes

In all the classes you may use as many substitutes as you like. The substitutes must be included on the team list that is handed over to the arena secretariat before the game. Players may only participate in one (1) team in the same age class. Substitutes may re-enter the game unlimited number of times. Substituted player must leave the field within the technical area before new player may enter.

Please note that substituting the goalkeeper must be done when the game is paused, and the referee has been notified.

Both teams have to be on the same side of the playing field, in the so-called technical area. This area is also where the substitutes of the players takes place.

Wrongly performed substitution will be punished with a yellow card (warning).

7. Participation list

7.1 Participation list must be filled in for each team on the team page (and not for a whole age class together). The participation list can be printed at the Check In if required, so there is no need to bring a printed copy. In the participation list you must write down where the tournament management can reach the team during the tournament (cell phone, other telephone numbers, and place of accommodation).

Only ”pure” club teams can participate in Piteå Summer Games. Combined teams (players from different clubs) who is playing league together may participate in the tournament. You may not borrow players from other clubs/teams. New players are not allowed to enter a team when the tournament has begun.

Teams using non-qualified players may be excluded from the tournament by the jury.

All the names of the players in each match must be identical with the names on the participation list handed over to the tournament jury before the tournament begins. Players may represent their club in more than one (1) team in the tournament, if it is not in the same age class.

7.2 The person that register the team is responsible that the players stated in the participation register is qualified to play with the team.
A control of qualified players can take place during the tournament.

8. Matches

8.1 Before the match each team must fill in the official team list o be given to the arena secretariat (number of shirts, name, birth data). Note! This can be printed from the team page! No match can begin until this is done by both teams. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or a walk over victory for the opposing team.

8.2 All team shirts must be numbered, and the numbers must correspond to the team card. The same number may not be used by more then one player. If the referee decides that two teams have similar shirts the guest team will be required to change.

8.3 All teams must be ready in their playing field area 10 minutes before kick-off. Piteå Summer Games recommends that all the team’s players available at the game should have time on the field (Classes 8-12). All players are required to have shin guards. Leaders/parents who behave inappropriate will be asked to leave by the referee or the person responsible at the arena. If the offence is very rough the referee will report to the competition jury. The team manager must make sure that the players are adequately insured.

8.4 Footballs, classes B17, B16, B15, B14, B13, G17/18/19, G16, G15 and G14 will use size 5 balls.

Class B12, B11, B10, G13, G12, G11 and G10 will use size 4 balls.

Classes B9, B8, G9 and G8 will use size 3 balls.

9. Dispensations

9.1 Dispensations will automatically be given to two players per game who are maximum one year over aged.

9.2 Girls may play in all boy classes, in the right age class.

9.3 Dispensation application must be made prior to June 13th. After June 13th, a fee of 500 SEK will be added. Note! Only for dispensations that are not mentioned 9.1, and 9.2.

Applications submitted after June 18 will not be processed.

10. General match rules

Rules for 7-a-side : Classes B12, B11, B10, G12, G11 and G10 is played by the rules of the Swedish Football Association in adaptable parts.

Throw-in: If a player makes a throw-in in a technically wrong way, the same player will get the chance to do the throw-in over again, after proper instructions are given by the referee.

Goal kick: The goalkeeper can either kick or throw the ball. The ball must not pass the centerline without touching a player or touching the ground. If so, the opponents will be given a free kick, from the centerline.

Pass the ball to own goalkeeper: Is allowed, but the GK cannot pick it up. If that happens, an indirect freekick will be

S ending-Off at obvious goal-scoring opportunity : Is not valid

Free kick : At the free kick opponents should be at least 7 meters from the ball if they do not stand on own goal line between the goal posts.

Corners: All corner kicks are made from the corner flag.

Rules for 5-a-side : Classes B9, B8, G9 and G8 is played by the rules of the Swedish Football Association in adaptable parts.

Throw-in: If a player makes a throw-in in a technically wrong way, the same player will get the chance to do the throw-in over again, after proper instructions are given by the referee.

Goal kick: Is not allowed. The goalkeeper must always throw the ball. The throw can be made from any part of the penalty area. The opponents must withdraw to own side of the field.

Pass the ball to own goalkeeper: Is allowed and the goalkeeper may touch the ball with the hands.

Free kick: At the free kick opponents should be at least 5 meters from the ball,ball if they do not stand on own goal line between the goal posts.

Corners: All corner kicks are made from the corner flag.

11. Walk Over / Interrupted game

11.1 Teams that will not show up for the game (without acceptable excuse) will receive a 3-0 defeat if the competition jury decides so. If this happens twice or more, the team might be expelled from the tournament. The competition jury may however decide to expel the team already at the first offence, if there are special circumstances, such as that a deliberate W.O favors their team or disadvantage another team in the group/class. The team´s results are however counted in the group.

11.2 If a game is interrupted and cannot be completed, the tournament jury will decide if the game shall be replayed or if the result of the game shall be determined or if one of the teams or both teams shall lose the game by 3-0.

12. Referees

Trained youth referees are selected from the Sports Associations: Piteå IF, Öjeby IF, Storfors AIK, Svensby SK, Infjärdens SK, Alterdalens IF, Lillpite IF and Munksunds/Skuthamns SK. All the 11-a-side games has licensed referees and referees from the district’s federations referee educations. Assisting referees in all the 11-a-side playoffs are trained youth referees. Tournament referee coordinator and main responsible is available by phone. Number may be obtained at the arenas, or at the Main Info. Those with considerations on the referee’s efforts is welcome.

13. The tournament jury / Main competition

The jury consist of Ralph Bäcklund, Håkan Norberg and Bo Åström. Protest- and penalty matters are handled by the jury. Its decision is final. Only the team’s leaders or coaches are allowed at the Main competition centre.

14. Protest and penalties

14.1 Protest must be handed in, in writing, by the team coach / leader along with a fee of 500 SEK no later than 60 minutes after the match is finished. The fee will be refunded if the protest is accepted.

Referee decisions facts connected to the game are by rule 5 in FIFA rules, final. Protest referee decision cannot lead to any action.

14.2 Expelled player is automatically suspended one game if the jury is not deciding to prolong. The suspension is valid even if the upcoming game is in the playoffs.

The team manager is responsible of that this rule is obeyed.

Warnings do not accumulate.

Severe offences will be reported to the district FA, or to the FA of the nation concerned.

Players who participate in the game that are suspended are unjust, and there for the team will lose the game by 3-0.

15. Fields

All matches are played on grass or Astroturf. The arenas are located at Stadshuset, Nordlunda, Björklunda, Gotisvallen, LF Arena, Strömsborg, Nolia, Parken Munksund, SCA, Furunäset, Heden Storfors, Norrfjärden, Infjärden, Lillpite, Grobba and Svensbyn. If the weather conditions do not permit games on grass they may be moved to other fields. The team manager will be informed.

16. Program

The tournament jury has the right to change the groups, the time schedule and the playing fields. If there is a change the team manager will be informed.

17. Organizer

Piteå Summer Games is a nonprofit organization run by Piteå IF and Öjeby IF. Piteå Summer Games also cooperates with Munksund Skuthamn SK, Storfors AIK, Svensby SK, Infjärdens SK, Norrfjärdens IF, Alterdalens IF and Lillpite IF.

18. Teams that fail to appear or complete the tournament

Teams that fail to appear after May 16, must pay a fine of 1000 SEK per team, besides the registration fee. Teams that do not complete the tournament or fail to appear at the friendly games on Sunday must pay a fine of 3000 SEK.

19. Regulations

The schools are made available by the city of Piteå. Following rules apply:

  • The team managers are responsible for any damage caused by player.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden in schools and locations in conjunction with the accommodation. (Schoolyard or equivalent)
  • Smoking is not permitted in schools.
  • Silence is requested between 12 pm and 6 am.
  • Before departure each room must be cleaned by the team. After that, the school attendant will inspect the cleaning. If the team leaves before the inspection or if the cleaning is not done properly the team has to pay 3 000 SEK.


20. Fair Play & Värdefullt
Piteå Summer Games collaborates with Sisu, using the criteria stipulated in Värdefullt . Piteå Summer Games use the Green Card that can be handed out to players, teams, leader and supporters that show great sportsmanship on and off the pitch. The PSG Green Card award will be given to a team, a player, a coach or a group of supporters. Of you are handed a green card you have the opportunity to collect a unique My game is green-shirt and get honored a place in our fair play Hall of Fame.

Piteå Summer Games has a document, Values and Vision , that you can read at the website. Piteå Summer Games is also an IQ- certified tournament and have received a certificate for the work with diversity.

21. Insurance and Force Majeure

Make sure that the players in your team are properly insured, both on and off the field. Piteå Summer Games does not carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage of property. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Sweden must have personal medical insurance.

Piteå Summer Games is in no way responsible for injury or economic loss which may arise in the event of war, war-like events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbance or because of the action of authorities, strikes, lockout, blockades or similar events.

Bad weather or any other unforeseen event which causes that the tournament cannot be implemented or completed will not result in refund of fees.

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