Reservations to the Piteå Summer Games camping 2023 are OPEN. Please follow the link below to make your reservation.

Accompanying parents have the opportunity to book a place for the caravan, motor home or tent with Piteå Summer Games.

Camping at schools is intended for parents of teams that are accommodated in the school. Limited number of spots. Piteå Summer Games reserves the right to change place of the designated camping spot with short notice.

At the campsites the staff at the school will show you a suitable location. See the overview images at the bottom of the page for each camping unit.
The fee includes the right to camp in designated areas, electricity (for caravans) and access to the toilet June 29 to July 2. As long as "your team" stays at the school on Sunday, you can also stay with your trailer / tent and use the school's facilities.

All schools do not have shower facilities, but you will get info about where such facilities is located via the school information.

We have only pre-bookings of caravan/camping sites. You make your reservation HERE

Reservations must be made by June 9 2023. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contatct us by sending an e-mail to

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Caravan with electricity, Thursday - Sunday, 750 SEK. The designated spots are 7x8 meters.
Tent Thursday - Sunday, 450 SEK. The designated spots are 5x3 meters. Electricity is prohibited in the tents.

No refunds if cancellation after June 9.

Please respect these simple regulations. We look forward to a nice and memorable experience of Piteå Summer Games 2023.

Arena Norrstrand






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