Intercups MX B14

Leader: Emilio Herrera Chavarria
Omar Cesar Ocampus Paz
Giovanni Isael Rosas Ibarra
Gold medal! Won the entire Slutspel A! Congratulations!
Highest goal count per match among the teams in B14 (5.0)
Highest goal count among the teams in B14 (35)
In addition to Intercups MX, 39 other teams from 6 different countries played in Boys 14. They were divided into 10 different groups, whereof Intercups MX could be found in Group 5 together with Öjeby IF, Innstranda IL and Tromsø IL Gyllenborg.

Intercups MX made it to Slutspel A after reaching 1:st place in Group 5. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against MARTUTENE K.E., which they won with 2-1. Thereby Intercups MX won the entire Slutspel A in Boys 14 during Piteå Summer Games 2022.

7 games played


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