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KPV B12 Green

Leader: Jyrki Kleimola
Tomi Mäkinen
Antti Vieri
Tapani Moilanen
Gold medal! Won the entire Slutspel A! Congratulations!
In addition to the two KPV teams, 98 other teams from 9 different countries played in Boys 12. They were divided into 25 different groups, whereof KPV Green could be found in Group 10 together with Hedens IF, Reinen IL 2 and Teg Södra Umeå IF Blå.

KPV Green made it to Slutspel A after reaching 1:st place in Group 10. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against Niva FK, which they won with 2-1. Thereby KPV Green won the entire Slutspel A in Boys 12 during Piteå Summer Games 2019.

8 games played


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