Medle SK G12

Leader: Linda Lindkvist
Emma Vikström
Gabriella Nygren
Mikael Vikström
Medle SK was one of 96 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Piteå Summer Games 2019. They participated with one team in Girls 12.

In addition to Medle SK, 55 other teams from 3 different countries played in Girls 12. They were divided into 14 different groups, whereof Medle SK could be found in Group 13 together with Bardufoss OIF, Grønnåsen IL and IFK Luleå.

Medle SK comes from Skellefteå which lies approximately 74 km from Piteå, where Piteå Summer Games takes place. The area around Skellefteå does also provide 14 additional clubs participating during Piteå Summer Games 2019 (Among others: Rönnskär Railcare IF /Clemensnäs IF, Kågedalens AIF, SK Storm, Clemensnäs IF, Rönnskärs IF, Myckle IK, Skellefteå FF, Innervik SK, Burträsk FF and Ostvik/Drängsmark IK).

4 games played


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