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Holidays are coming

Written 20 December 2019 10:26

At the moment we have 10 nations registered in the tournament, and at least 8 coming shortly.

New nation so far is Portugal that will send Benfica School Academy Almeda. A special welcome to the Piteå Summer Games family!

The Piteå Summer Games staff will be on Christmas holiday for a while. The office is closed, but the e-mail is always an option if you’d like to contact us.

We wish you all a great holiday and hope to see you next year!

Next news item: MY GAME IS GREEN Hall of Fame

Written 03 December 2019 14:07
Since 2014, Piteå Summer Games have been using the green card to award Fair Play to players, coaches teams and supporters. For our anniversary tournament 2019, we took another step in creating good chemistry, both on and off the pitch, and together with Wibax we presented MY GAME IS GREEN. Those who received a green card during the tournament 2019, also acquired a MY GAME IS GREEN shirt where ... Read more


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