Participation fee: 970 SEK per participant (players and leaders) On May 13, 2019, at the latest, participants fee must be at hand. The fee should be paid/team, not individually. At least one (1) adult has to stay with the team!
It is the number of persons that are paid for May 13 that decides size of the accommodation.

From Finland and other countries: SE4280000826440436203319 IBAN SWIFT:SWEDSESS.

Fee is only refunded when players withdraw before May 13, 2019.


- Accommodation at schools from Thursday to Sunday. There must always be an adult present, sleeping with the team. This is a demand from the authorities and Piteå Summer Games.
- 8 meals during the tournament from breakfast on June 28- Lunch June 30.
- Transportation between playing arenas and schools
- Transfer from the busstation in Piteå to the teams accommodation
- Entrance free of charge to the Summer Games disco
- The classroom area is calculated by the witdh of mattrasses of 80 centimeters.

Foto; Magnus Johansson


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