Piteå Summer Games 28/6 - 30/6 2019

Sign up today, and celebrate the 30th Anniversary together with us!

New class 2019 - Girls 17/18! Players born 2002/2001.

Looks like we are heading for a great Anniversary - both nationwise and teamwise, so get on board!

Nations that will appear (so far)


Sparbanken Nord Nordbergs Buss Piteå-Tidningen Värdefullt IQ Nolia Norrlands bil Intersport Umbro martin & servera Norrmejerier Piteortens Chark Leksands Bröd Max Polarbröd Resia Pite Havsbad Scandic SCA Renthall Smurfit Kappa Coop BDX Sporrong Piteå Näringsfastigheter AB GB Glace Gevalia Coca Cola Estrella NKV Newbody Swedish Lapland Sunpine Accidenstryckeriet NLL Live Stage Gallerian Piteå Piteå Stadshotell Wibax AB