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 Matkatoimisto Saarikoski Oy was founded in 1992.

We are specialized in tailor-made travels for groups

throughout Finland, but also arrange incoming services

for groups arriving from abroad. We are a privately

own travel agency with strong Finnish set of values

and personality.

For Piteå Summer Games we target our promotion

in the Southern Finland as we arrange specialized

packages for teams coming from long distance way.




Lari Ruotsalainen


Intercups MX (Facebook, Instagram)+52 55 30 09 64 22



Somos una organización que tiene una gran pasión y emoción por el juego del fútbol, adoptándolo como forma de vida al igual que padres de familia, niños, niñas y jóvenes que buscan trascender a nivel local, nacional e internacional.








Emilio Herrera Chavvaria 


+7 911 186 1013 is located in St Petersburg. Yulia and Michail Sergeev are great travel organizers that will make sure that you and your team have an experience of a lifetime! 


USA 540 869 1864 ext. 119


Since 1988, has been creating custom crafted international tours for soccer teams from across the USA and Canada. Teams experience the local culture, participate in recommended tournaments, play friendly matches against local teams, benefit from specialized coaching sessions with professional coaches, watch professional matches, and enjoy sightseeing opportunities.


Mark Franchi

USA 515 330 6653


With more than 30 years of international tour planning experience, Travel and Play provides the expertise, options, quality and worldwide support needed to create an amazing experience for your sports team. Specializing in European soccer, ice hockey and cultural tours, our team has built an comprehensive network of international partners that allows us to offer an extensive array of tour options.


Ian Bradley

Italy & Croatia

+39 059 697888,

+39 335 395130

 Globosport specialises in team travel from Italy and

Croatia. Reliable, experienced and fun!


Rinaldo Cometti



Scandinavian Tournaments. Mr Sven Erik Jensen (Sport International, Denmark) and Mr Barry Walmsley (Travel & Play, USA). Click on the logo for more information.

And also with United Soccer Academy. Click on the logo for more information.


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