Finals & Awards

Sunday is all about the play-offs, the finals and the friendly games.

The 11-a-side finals will be decided at Björklunda (B13, G13, G14, G15) and LF Arena (B14, B15, B16 and G16).

The 7-a-side finals will be decided at Stadshuset (Sparbanken Nord 1-5)

Directly adjacent to the final, there will be an awards ceremony, at the arena.

Sunday is also the day when the teams that didn't reach the play-offs play friendly games.

There will also be awards in the Ball juggling competition, at 14.00 at the stage in Mixed Zone (Nolia).

A 11-a-side team will be rewarded for good behaviour on and off the field (Värdefullt), Intersport will hand out the Fair Play to a 7-a-side team and a 5-a-side will be rewarded for Fair Play (Norrmejerier).

Sparbanken Nord is presenting a scholarship to two young, promising referees (a boy and a girl). The scholarship is at the value of 5000 SEK, and includes a trip to Spain (Salou/Cambrils) to be a referee.

All the 5-a-side teams recieve a medal. You can collect the medals at Mixed Zone, Sunday morning, starting at 9. The teams may also arrange a medal ceremony at the Mixed Zone stage.


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